An Imagine That Will Haunt Me for Life

A vivid description:

Just try to imagine Mister Rogers playing the agent Ari in “Entourage” and it all falls into place.

This strikes me as a pretty good characterization of the Obama gestalt, and it reminds me of the scoop of the year.

JG: You’ve talked about the role of Jews in the development of your thinking

BO: I always joke that my intellectual formation was through Jewish scholars and writers, even though I didn’t know it at the time. Whether it was theologians or Philip Roth who helped shape my sensibility, or some of the more popular writers like Leon Uris.

This is an answer that is simultaneously shrewdly political, wryly funny, and self-effacing. It is dog-whistle politics for nerds. I love it! Yet one wonders if Fast Eddie Obama was at work: I mean, Leon Uris? Political disagreements aside, there is a basic level at which I find Obama impossible to dislike. This will embarrass me at some point in the (near) future.