Contrary to some depictions, McCain is not a moderate. He is a conservative with a habit of massive, eye-stretching heresy.

Also, contrary to some depictions, Stanley Kubrick was not a filmmaker. He was a recluse with an occasional habit of massive, impressive cinematic undertakings.

Update: I might actually agree that McCain isn’t a moderate, but he’s no conservative either. He’s an honor-bound, party-loyal Republican — he plays for the team far more than for the ideas — who seems to take pleasure both in the act of opposing the conservative base and in the attention he gets for doing so. That’s not to say that McCain’s values don’t often align with conservative ideas, or that conservatives might not have reason to support his candidacy, but I’d be extremely reticent to call him a conservative except in the broad sense that he’s not liberal. Certainly he’s not motivated by the maintenance of a coherent set of ideas in the way that conservative intellectuals are.