If You're Awake at 10 AM EST

Hua has a special guest on his superb radio show:

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, from 1030am-noon as the great DAVE TOMPKINS hectors the airwaves with a sure-to-be unforgettable mix of inscrutable vocoder jams, suicidal soul ballads, “random rap,” John Carpenter, 80s grooves, and a Russian electro single from 1982 credited to “Udytu and his Male Harem.”

Tune in here.

But don’t listen to all of it, because Ross and I will be on a really wonderful radio show called On Point from 11 AM to noon. Some of you will say, “Fool, I know all about On Point!” Or, “I don’t listen to the damn radio!” Good grief, I’m just trying to fill you animals in!