Ross and Reihan on the Radio

Hello comrades!

So, we were on a wonderful showOn Point, hosted by Tom Ashbrook — and I was pretty darn nervous. I am very good at coming up with catchphrases, but terrible at delivering them. Ross is a very smooth radio performer. All I wanted to do was talk about Sweden and the overconcentration of women in low-wage sectors. But I fought that impulse and was instead a little vague and testy. Fortunately, Tom Ashbrook is a consummate professional. There were many moments that will haunt my dreams: for example, when I had twenty seconds and delivered a ten second answer; a truly frightening moment where I was I asked the size of government. I should have had a better answer! Aaaaaaaaargh!

I’m really grateful that On Point gave us this opportunity, and I hope you check out the podcast. We had really some great callers, a couple of whom sounded like potential Sam’s Club Republicans, amazingly enough.