Still Illegal

I admit to being out of my area of expertise here, but, apropos of Andrew Sullivan’s comment, wouldn’t Senator Obama’s parents’ marriage still be illegal in, I think, every state? Because Obama’s father was already married when he married Obama’s mother, right? And bigamy’s still illegal, yes?

That said, I think Sullivan’s small suggestion is a good one. Based on their relative positioning on gay rights questions, McCain needs to be asked whether he supports ending “don’t ask, don’t tell” and Obama needs to be asked whether he supports repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. I’m pretty sure in both cases the private answer is “yes” but each candidate may feel, politically, that they don’t want to say – or do – what they privately believe. (McCain’s on-record in support of “don’t ask, don’t tell” which puts him to the right of, for example, Ramesh Ponnuru. Obama supported repeal of DOMA in his 2004 Senate race, but has not, so far as I know, answered a direct question on the subject in his Presidential campaign, nor promised to seek repeal.) That’s the point at which interest groups can typically press for promises that bind the candidate uncomfortably after the election.