A Really Special Girl

A lot of men have no idea what they’re looking for in a woman. Not Bachelorette-loser Graham Bunn. No, he’s got it down cold: He wants a girl with the backing of an entire network. With millions of dollars, even! Daily Intel reports:

Why did you go on the show in the first place?
You know, because it was an opportunity to meet a girl that had the backing of an entire network. And when you go out to meet people you go on referrals of friends and families. And if you know an entire network is going to base an entire multi-million-dollar show on someone, you would imagine that that person would just be an unbelievable person to have in your life. I was excited to meet her.

Presumably, he’ll also be really excited to meet Gene Simmons.

Having lived in New York for a bit, I am, of course, aware that such hopelessly shallow people exist. But I was still under the impression — mistakenly, it seems — that you’re not supposed to admit it.

(I’m not enough of an expert on the show to say for sure, but I suspect the entire point of The Bachelorette is to put guys in positions where they have to win the cocktail party.)