It Really Will Blow Your Mind

Normally, I don’t go too excited about mashups, no matter how clever. But Elizabeth’s June mixtape let me onto this utterly smashing blend of Vampire Weekend and Styles P. It’s old, I know. But I don’t care! I don’t care so much, in fact, that I’m going to flout internet convention and post it anyway.

Vampire Weekend vs. Styles P :: Punk Your Mind

Speaking of old music, I saw Mission of Burma play a reunion show at the Black Cat this weekend. Typically, I’m not much for anything pre-Nirvana,* and my knowledge of the band is pretty limited, but the show was brash and thrashy and loud and an awful lot of fun. I realized while watching them, though, that if I saw a bunch of 19 year olds doing the exact same thing, I’d be mostly unimpressed. As bloggers who started before 2004 know, you get a lot of cred for being first.

*Yes, it’s appropriate to roll your eyes and mumble something about whippersnappers on the interwebs.