Top Choice Clique

A friend of mine was looking for an up-tempo hip-hop track for a film, and Hua Hsu recommended the following.

Unrelatedly, James Carmichael very much enjoyed the less festive= “Queens Get the Money.”

I just purchased a couple of Tilly and the Wall albums and I particularly like “Falling Without Knowing,” which sounds extremely late ’80s. It occurs to me that my first crush was on (embarrassingly) a brunette hippie vocalist from the late ’80s, or possibly a girl from a Pop Rocks commercial. It’s funny how these things linger. So anyway, the music of that moment still resonates with me, as is the case with music of the Top Choice Clique era. I haven’t fully assimilated the Fleet Foxes EP and LP, so track recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Buying the new Ladytron has repaid me a hundredfold in musical entertainment. I really want to buy the new Jay Reatard compilation, but I can’t find it as yet in a convenient format.