This Chihuahua's For You

Sanjay writes,

Firstly: I come to TAS for conventional-wisdom defying, daring commentary on American culture. It is therefore reasonable that someone over there should accept the challenge of having something credible yet positive to say about Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which looks to me to be an abomination. The gauntlet is thrown down, suckas. Be the critic who saves this movie.

In all sincerity, I’m actually thinking Beverly Hills Chihuahua is going to be pretty good. I realize that I am losing all credibility as I type, but bear with me. The Beverly Hills Chihuahua theme song promises an incredibly elaborate mythology involving the Aztecs, I believe. How could that not be totally rad? I am profoundly uncomfortable around dogs, and I consider chihuahuas to be among the most abominable of the Earth’s creatures. But a rapping chihuahua? I’d make an exception in that case.

There’s a deeper reason to be hopeful about Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It reminds us to be mindful of the possibility that humans are not in fact the dominant species, and that our tiny pampered pets might slit our throats in the middle of the night. So sleep with one eye open, my friends.