Strange New Discoveries

One of my best friends recently suggested that I not see The Dirty Projectors, as the beauty and sonic power of the female multi-instrumentalist backing vocalists would “melt my heart.” I found this to be an interesting notion. The Dirty Projectors have inspired me to collaborate with said friend to record some sludgy rock music. We don’t have a name yet. Wish me luck.

Also, I’ve just learned that I know someone who went to college with my favorite band (now defunct), Supersystem. They went to Wesleyan, apparently, and one of the members — now of Antelope and solo project Edie Sedgewick — lives across the street from a friend of this friend in the District. My mind has basically been blown by this brush with celebrity.

I’m going to write something about crime. I took part in a panel discussion earlier today and I fear I performed very poorly indeed. But if you, reader of The American Scene, invite me to a panel, say, on whether or not you should replace your aluminum siding with wood shingles, or on whether or not you really want pineapple on your pizza, or on the fate of the tax code, I pledge to do a better job.