One place you should visit pretty often is Strange Maps, where I have gotten lost for hours at a time sifting back through the archives. I have also watched their visit stats skyrocket like a spaceship to utopia, so they must be doing something right. Case in point is this map of state-by-state obesity percentages:

What I wonder about this — and I’m sure there’s some empiricist or another who’s tackled the issue — is whether and in which states obesity correlates more closely to a particular economic class, or whether our fatness spreads out in a big equal blob. I can easily imagine fatness correlating with poverty in some areas but not others, and ditto middle classness. Maybe even certain segments of the rich. The easy assumption is that the underclass and the — oh let’s call it the thunderclass — overlap pretty significantly. But I bet at the within-state or even county-by-county level the story is far more revealing. To work, statisticians.