The movie we’ve all been waiting for. Vulture has the scoop.

The first chapter, set in 1941, introduces Shosanna and the film’s antagonist, a Nazi officer named Landa who’s known as the “Jew Hunter.” The second chapter introduces the Bastards and their tactics: They kill Nazis on sight, take their scalps, and — when they let one go — carve a swastika into his forehead. The third chapter, set in 1944, reintroduces Shosanna in Paris (“This whole Chapter will be filmed in French New Wave Black and White”). The fourth sets up the Bastards’ attack on the theater. And it all comes together in Chapter Five, which plays fast and loose with history, to say the least.

Incidentally, John Birmingham’s alternate-reality Second World War trilogy, Axis of Time, is not a bad yarn — definitely a cut above Clancy for those of you who enjoy low-rent genre fiction, as I emphatically do.