Reihan's Song About A Drunken Piano

As I mentioned earlier this week, my friend, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist (and recent Yale Law School graduate, as it turns out), has been recording incredible tracks. The trouble is, I don’t understand the concept of melody, but I’ve been working on it. And so I’ve used his GarageBand knowledge, and his toy piano, microphone, and tambourine, to create a song. It is a tribute of sorts to Tom Waits’ celebrated “The Piano Has Been Drinking.” My song has relatively little to do with the original — I could barely remember the words, my song involves a piano that vomits on its pants, face, and neck, and a South Asian immigrant shopkeeper. In short, the song is totally bananas, and extremely sloppy. Please listen, but be gentle. This is my first foray into multi-track music.

So anyway, here goes. And by here goes, I mean click on this link to hear the song.