Scenes from the iPhone line

So I’m currently waiting outside the Apple store in Arlington waiting to purchase an iPhone. Megan McArdle is my line buddy for the evening, but, perhaps not surprisingly, we managed to run into a Cato intern as well. This may seem odd, but in my experience, it’s almost impossible to avoid Cato interns during the summer (and no, I don’t, and haven’t ever, worked at the glass cube on Mass. Ave).

Anyway, we used Megan’s laptop to take some video of the line a few hours back, which I then awkwardly edited it in iMovie. I’d never used the program before (I’m a longtime Premier man), and I found it pretty non-intuitive. But here’s the (un)finished product:

We couldn’t figure out how to make Megan’s laptop record sound, but if we had, you might’ve heard conversations about how Best Buy sucks, Robert Nozick and veganism, and contained atomic reactions.

People are starting to go to sleep. The guy in line next to me is snoring at comically high volume, like a Merry Melodies cartoon. I’ll report back later.