the killer of puppies

Many years ago, Buck Henry did a routine on Saturday Night Live in which he played an absurdly meek radio talk-show host who’s not getting any calls. Nervousness sets in, intensifies. (The only call he gets is from his mom.) He stutters that he doesn’t see anything wrong with forced busing — in fact, he’s in favor of it! Silence. So, almost squeaking now, he declares his support for Communism! Still nothing. So, in desperation, he squarely affirms: “Dead puppies. I like ‘em.” When even that fails to get a response, he panics and starts screaming — as people come into the studio to carry him away — “I’m in favor of forcibly busing known Communists into YOUR HOMES to KILL YOUR PUPPIES!”

I don’t know what this character’s name was, but from now on I’ll always think of him as P. Z. Myers.