After all that, I broke it. See for yourself (yes, that’s Megan McArdle — and her unbroken iPhone — in the reflection):

First night, too. Hung up the phone while talking to a friend, and as I reached to put the phone in my pocket, it slipped out of my hand onto a hard tile floor.

It still works, but the person who picked it up first cut himself on the glass, meaning I don’t have much choice but to replace it — and it looks like it’ll have to be at full price.

Oddly, it seems I won’t be able to take much action to guard against future mishaps. I’ll be able to buy a case for it, but as far as I can tell, there’s no obvious way to insure the glass casing of an iPhone. Apple offers no warranty or insurance plan that covers damage, for any reason, to the exterior casing. AT&T offers a cover-everything insurance plan for all of their phones except two — one of which is the iPhone. My credit card company only insures against this particular type of damage — a cracked casing — to these sorts of products if the damage is caused in a riot.

Patrick Ruffini’s been tracking iPhone lines via Summize. Apparently they actually shut the line down at one of the stores in Arlington this afternoon. This story isn’t over yet.