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Hipster, square, suburbanite, preschooler — now matter who you are, I don’t really see how you could not love this (via Nathan and Yglesias):

On the other hand, this may be less a sign that Sesame Street is getting hip and more a sign that I’m getting kind of old. I remember watching Big Bird and co. as a kid and not understanding why my parents were so delighted by cultural icons from their generation making guest appearances. Now I’m the one getting gushy about watching an indie rock starlet cavort with the muppets. In related news, I’ve also started to think NPR is not just acceptable, but actually pretty awesome, and I recognize a lot of the songs they play in between segments because it’s the same stuff I’ve got on my iPod. It’s all down hill from here, isn’t it?

Update: For TAS’s electronically minded readers, here’s Bikini’s Postal-Servicey space-warp remix of the same song. Feel the that groove!

1234 (Feist Cover) – Bikini