How'm I Doin'?

Am I posting often enough? Too often? Are my posts typically too long? Too short? Too serious? Not serious enough? Too much about politics? Not enough? Too much philosophical noodling? Not enough? Too much about Canadian theater? Not enough? (I rather doubt that.) Do I spend too much energy on thinking up cute titles? Are the titles too obscure? Do you even read the titles? Should I interact more with the other contributors? Less? Should I be producing more commentary on other blogs? Less? More on blogs not affiliated with “The Atlantic” and less on blogs so affiliated? Is there someone or some venue in particular that I should be reading that I don’t appear to be? What am I not writing about that I should be? What am I writing about that I should stop writing about? Does this blog have a common identity? Should it? If it does (or should), do I fit into it? It I were going to change one thing about my blogging, what should it be?