Fringe Elements

Some of you may recall my rapturous review of a play based on a couple of Chekhov short stories from last fall. Well, Studio Six is back again, with a production of Hidden Fees, a contemporary Russian play whose premier in English will be part of this year’s New York Fringe theater festival. Details are here. I will admit to being a biased source; I know one of the members of the company, and have been assisting them in whatever way I can. But I do think they constitute an exceptionally promising bunch of young actors, and I encourage anyone to head over to the Cherry Lane this month to check them out in performance. (And readers of The American Scene should note that this particular play is a biting commentary on unaffordable family-formation – so even those of you who ignore my theater reviews might have an interest.)

Don’t wait for the review, as I’ll be heading out of town the day after I see the show. Just see it.