Deep Thoughts III

Hey guys:

I’ve been neglecting TAS. Man, I have so many thoughts. I need to blog about Pineapple Express, and I have some thoughts on the election (cough) and, um, the environment, and, most importantly, the new Mozilla scenarios. But I have some serious work to do. Serious. Chances are I will blog something in service to structured procrastination, but hopefully not. I’m feeling prolific. First, I need to read a lot. So I have a formal regimen in mind: read some stuff unrelated to my project now, run in the morning and find some way to recreate an American Indian sweat lodge, read related stuff, write related stuff. Then write unrelated stuff. Okay, Power!

Wait, I think I’m going to make a mix first. Then the plan begins. Team Force! I’m going to experiment ending every blog post with some kind of boldfaced shamanistic declaration, like, SPIRIT EAGLE! (Caw-caw-caw!)