Breakfast of Champions

So, Michael Phelps is a really impressive swimmer. But did you know that he’s also a championship eater as well? According to the NY Post, he gobbles down 12,000+ calories a day. When you compare this with the fact that he still manages to look as lean and slick as a sci-fi movie torpedo,* I’m tempted to say I’m more impressed with this than with his swimming. Or maybe it’s just jealousy that he’s actually living the dream: eating like that and looking like that. The whole thing reminds me of Brad Pitt’s character from Ocean’s 11; in that film, Pitt decided to make fun of his own image by chawing down on terrible, greasy foods in pretty much every scene, the not-so-subtle point being that you can’t really eat like that and look like Brad Pitt. The takeaway from that Post piece, though, is, well… maybe you can?

*Seriously, I don’t care whether or not the guy can act: I think we’ve found our Namor.