Because the way for conservatives to improve their lot in Hollywood is to make Epic Movie: Michael Moore Edition, complete with a Bill O’Reilly cameo!

I won’t argue with the notion that liberal political ideas dominate Hollywood — they do. But obvious, obnoxious fare that openly targets — or let’s be honest, panders to — an aggrieved political niche is hardly the right response, and it certainly won’t help conservatives make inroads in the culture industry. At best, with some luck and financial success, this approach might help the right carve out a small, separate space in which a few films a year are targeted toward their interests but are largely ignored or even ridiculed by the mainstream — call it the Tyler Perry strategy. That might satisfy a small band of activists and partisans who’re mainly concerned with liberal bashing and promoting a particular political agenda, but it won’t substitute for the sort of large-scale cultural influence the right’s been chasing for decades. Over the years, conservatives have proven remarkably adept at confining themselves to cultural ghettos; it’s almost as if the right courts ridicule and marginalization. Yes! That’s it! Let’s make a film making fun of Michael Moore! Fine, he’s a blowhard — that’s not in question. But for Hollywood conservatism to work, it’s going to need a unifying idea a lot more powerful — and a lot more positive — than a tired hatred of some dumb schlub documentarian.