The Pink Police Empire

James flags this sensational article about British vacationers who are earning a reputation for pathetic barbarism and, if the citation is to be believed, are getting themselves killed at an amazing rate:

A recent report published by the British Foreign Office, “British Behavior Abroad,” noted that in a 12-month period in 2006 and 2007, 602 Britons were hospitalized and 28 raped in Greece, and that 1,591 died in Spain and 2,032 were arrested there.

It seems that standby tickets when flying from Spain to Britain would be a safe bet, with about four suddenly empty seats every day.

I agree wholeheartedly with James’ decision to clip this piece for the bulging Pink Police State file, rather than blaming the behavior on a stereotyped British repression. Says James:

Such are the perils of living in a place that’s increasingly becoming one of the most mirthless of all pink police states: a nanny whose rule is so regimented that she permits you the luxury of barhopping until the wee hours and screwing and spazzing your way across town after town.

What really struck me, though, are the global implications:

Worried about the increase in crimes and accidents afflicting drunken tourists, the British consulate in Athens has begun several campaigns, using posters, beach balls and coasters with snappy slogans, to encourage young visitors to drink responsibly.

“When things do go wrong, they go wrong in quite a big way,” said Alison Beckett, the director of consular services. “What we’re trying to do here is reduce some of these avoidable accidents where they have so much to drink that they fall off balconies and are either killed or need huge operations.

If citizens of the nanny state insist on leaving the front garden, she’s going to have to follow them, right? Eventually, we might see a world in which the sun never sets on a safe and puking Briton.