24 hours later

So, here we are, one day into the Palin Era of American politics. I’ve been reading a lot of the online commentary, and I have two thoughts.

First, some of it is kind of bizarre. Exhibit A for me is Michelle Cottle’s first take over at TNR, in which she focuses on Palin’s looks — not to say that she’s attractive, but rather that she’s “an exceedingly delicate, feminine looking” woman and a “fragile flower.” Right: the basketball-playing, road-race-running, wilderness-camping, moose-hunting fragile flower. What was Cottle expecting, Fairy Hardcastle?

But second and more important, I have been somewhat taken aback at the hot blasts of anger from the Left, and more generally from likely Obama voters, and from wherever it is that Andrew Sullivan is properly located. And even in the comments on this here blog, usually populated by near-pacifists. What’s up with that? If you’re an Obama supporter and you think Palin is an absurdly bad choice whose inexperience and incompetence will rapidly be revealed in the upcoming campaign, shouldn’t you be laughing rather than seething?

It’s a different story if, like our friend Freddie, you’re pissed off at the general cynicism of the whole campaign, but if you’re for Obama and you have little but contempt for Palin, it’s time for high-fives and toasts. Isn’t it?