Beyond the Palin

Attention all those who want to defeat McCain-Palin: please ridicule Sarah Palin. Five kids with silly white trash names! She was the mayor of a small town! Ha! I mean, look at her — she must be dumb! And where did she go to school? I mean, come on! I mean, is McCain serious? What a joke. Her mere existence is an insult to women. She eats moose, she rides a snowmobile, and she supports drilling.

Serious people, incidentally, don’t support drilling: serious people support clean-coal-powered automobiles built by un-outsourcable American workers, each of which will be available at subsidized prices to all Americans. I mean, everybody knows that. Come on.

Yes, yes. Let’s keep it up, folks. While we’re at it, let’s bring Amanda Marcotte on board as the official anti-Palin blogger.

Here’s one line I found particularly amusing, via New York:

She’s the same age as Barack and has two years less experience on a national level, which will deflate the McCain campaign’s arguments that Obama himself is too green to be elected.

Notice how much “national level” experience is doing in this sentence. Bill Clinton, of course, had no “national level” experience. Rather, he ran as a Democrat in Arkansas during the Reagan era and won. Clinton was younger than Obama when he ran. But the nature of his experience — his non “national level” experience — was different in significant ways.