One commenter on Jim’s previous post complains that Jim left William Henry Harrison and James Garfield out of his list of worst Presidents, arguing that there’s “consensus” about their ineptitude.

Well, first, let’s cue the Mediocre Presidents Song!

Garfield was shot four months into his term, lingering helplessly for several weeks after that. Harrison died after thirty days in office. Is thirty days enough to determine the quality of someone’s achievement as President? Hey, the whole internet knows exactly what to think about Sarah Palin’s past, present, and future, and no one had even heard of her seventy-two hours ago. Thirty days is, like, TMI.

[UPDATE: Art Deco points out that I’ve got the wrong Harrison. Totally messes up my joke. “Six months, is, like TMI” works almost as well, though, doesn’t it? Well, we report, you decide.]

[UPDATE 2: Maureen says I had the right Harrison after all. Dammit.]