Embarrassing Video

Brendan Newnam, a reporter for Marketplace and an extremely cool dude, put a microphone in front of my mouth, which is a recipe for disaster. Actually, two of Brendan’s friends were there as well, both of them extremely cool and knowledgeable about local music. Everyone, listen to Lifter Puller.

Just an update — my friends Mark, Zoe, Laurel, and Chris and I abandoned ship on the party for an equally exclusive venue, namely a late-night Applebee’s swarming with Ron Paul enthusiasts. It turns out that the restaurant was supposed to close at midnight, but the manager insisted that the workers stick around for an extended shift, which sounds uncool to me. I tried to live a large-ish tip, but still felt a little bummed for my still-cheerful server. That said, I was also pretty pleased the place was still open, as I was starving.

I think this is true of everyone, but man, my voice sounds so much better in my own head. “Which is where it belongs!” I agree!

Have you listened to “Prescilla” by Bat for Lashes? If you haven’t, you should. I realize that this is silly and atavistic of me, but I’m always really pleased to see South Asians in the arts. Fortunately, there are lots of South Asians in the arts, which is why I’m always smiling. Actually, it seems that I scowl a lot, unintentionally; I think it’s my way of projecting seriousness, or that I’m listening. Well, apparently it’s kind of weird.

Ross and I were interviewed for a television program, and we flashed on screen pretty briefly here. Ross’s college roommate Brian Smith also made an appearance, in what is either a strange coincidence or further indication of a troublingly small world.

Also, I have followed in the footsteps of the great Will Wilkinson and Kerry Howley, two really good friends and personal heroes, in recording a commentary for Marketplace, thanks to the good graces Kevin Arnovitz. The photo makes me look like I’m about to murder someone. In my defense, I was unshaved and, I’ll admit, I did subsequently go on a five state killing spree — of mosquitoes. Let’s just say I was bitten one time too many. No, seriously: the commentary is on the payroll tax. I propose a slight variation on the family-friendly tax theme. The Sam’s Club gang has gotten behind Ramesh’s excellent plan, but I still have a soft spot for my insane VAT schemes. But I know enough to know that Ramesh has a keen understanding of political realities. I really hope I get to do some more radio stuff, as I have a face made for radio. (Or so my mother tells me.)