Cheryl Miller’s been on the TAS masthead since its rebirth last summer. It’s well-deserved. I’ve been fortunate to work with her in a couple of different capacities (which, obviously, makes me incredibly biased), and I’m always tremendously impressed with everything she does — like, for example, her story today on Chuckolytes, the internet’s Chuck Todd superfans. These people are strange, sure, but totally lovable, awesome, and endearing for their enthusiasm. Who would even consider naming their kid after a nebbish political analyst? Well, a Chuckolyte, it seems. I’m really taken by the way Cheryl’s captured them. It’s easy to take it for granted in D.C., but I’m incredibly blessed and grateful to be able to know people who do such genuinely neat, fascinating work. I don’t know if I’d call myself a Chuckolyte, but I’m probably a Cherylolyte.