Just Saw Ten Seconds of Keith Olbermann

He noted that McCain mispronounced Zardari’s surname — sounded to me like McCain said, “Gardari.” Olbermann seems to think this is a prosecutable offense. Olbermann didn’t mention that both McCain and Obama referred to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as the “Republican Guard” of Iran. Olbermann also noted that McCain referred to Pakistan as a failed state. Actually, Olbermann might want to invest in TiVO: McCain said that Pakistan was a failed state when Musharraf came to power, and that most Pakistan-watchers would agree. That’s a very different statement. My threshold for defining a failed state is such that I’d describe pre-Musharraf Pakistan as a failing state. But really, these are the points Olbermann is trying to score? I was a television producer for a while. I’m 95 percent sure I would have done a better job, and I wouldn’t have had to make anything up.

Incidentally, people often pronounce “Rye-hahn” as “Ray-hahn.” I don’t lose much sleep over it.

I have to say, Rachel Maddow kicks Olbermann’s behind. She has real erudition and knowledge to back up her left-of-center snark.