Bluff, Called

Well, the vote is still open, so we don’t know the final outcome, and the leadership might still strongarm a majority.

But if I were a member of the Democratic Leadership, I would not be pushing too hard. If this vote fails, the GOP is the reason. The Democrats met the Administration more than halfway, and the GOP leadership could not deliver the promised 80 votes. Tomorrow, the Democrats introduce their own bill, pass it on a party-line vote, and dare the Administration to veto.

There are lots and lots of reasons not to like this bill. But most of those reasons are Democratic talking points. The GOP alternative proposal was borderline illiterate.

I’m writing this in haste, without a lot of reflection. But the whole way this has played out has been something of a watershed moment for me. There is only one party in Congress that thinks we are in a financial crisis, only one party in Congress with a functioning leadership.