No doubt the filmmakers behind An American Carol and Religulous both assumed, or at least hoped, that they’d become talked-about political debate movies in the month before the election. Alas (for them, anyway), it looks like the one-two punch of the Sarah Palin Show and the circus surrounding Hank Paulson’s Wall Street Bailout Bonanza will render these potential hot topics lukewarm. Ah well; these are tough times for everyone.

I haven’t seen An American Carol yet (it didn’t screen for D.C. critics), but Dave Weigel has, and he says it’s not so funny. As for Religulous, well, I have a soft spot for Bill Maher even though he’s kind of a jerk, and that’s more or less how I feel about the film.

These are distractions, I know, but it’s Friday, and one can only handle so much, “How about that debate last night? What’d you think?” “I thought blah blah blah..." Maybe it’s different outside the Beltway, although I suspect it’s just less intense. D.C. doesn’t allow concealed carry, but everyone here comes fully armed with opinions.