Meh at the Movies

That’s pretty much been my reaction this year. “What’s good in theaters these days?” people often ask me. Right now, I don’t have much to tell them. Everyone loves Slumdog Millionaire. I mean everyone. Except me. There were some delightful moments — Danny Boyle’s an excellent stylist — but overall, I was not impressed, and at some point, I plan to write a case against the film. On the other hand, I enjoyed Transporter 3 far more than I thought I would — more than the new Bond, I’d say. This has not been a good year for movies, but I have high hopes for Frost/Nixon and Doubt, both of which I’ll see this week. I’ll also be seeing Punisher: War Zone, about which, well, I don’t know, but I guess it can’t possibly be worse than the last two attempts to turn the character into a viable Hollywood property. In the meantime, I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels, which, along with TV serials like Dexter and 24, seem like the medium where all the really exciting pulp storytelling is happening these days.