Further Thoughts on Serge and Jane

Though I haven’t blogged about Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin for a long time, I have thought about them a lot over the years. I see that the current iteration of my iTunes library has only a small handful of Serge songs, which is pretty vexing as I used to have a more extensive collection.

I have a few stray thoughts.

(1) The clothes are amazing, and in this era people tended to have far smaller wardrobes. Those wonderful jackets and shirts would keep getting worn until they frayed at the edges, which contributed to their beauty.

(2) We’re all supposed to think — boy, Serge is pretty ugly; Birkin is a stunner. But apart from his obvious charisma, I think Serge has a distinguished face. Not handsome, exactly, but certainly interesting. There is a lot there to latch on to. Birkin really is incredibly beautiful (she still is). She also has amazing teeth. The haircuts are very cool. Though I can’t see myself cutting hair, I get the appeal of the job. Hair is strange. Isn’t it essentially fingernails, but distributed differently? I knew a woman who used some kind of horse shampoo, and sure enough she had amazing, glossy locks. How strange.

(3) Who are these people? I never frolic on boats that traverse urban waterways, and I’m thinking I’m missing out. Mental note: spend more time being sun-dappled and wearing corduroy. I actually wear corduroy a fair. I’ve contrived to create myself kind of a corduroy suit, though I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to wear it. My new project will be to be more rumpled. I’ve been wearing this enormous blue parka that makes me look a lot like Grimace.

My friend Hua sent me this amazing Cure cover by Bat for Lashes. Some genius (no, really — some genius) synced the song up with snatches from the anime classic _Vampire Hunter D).

Good grief, she’s even recorded a Eurythmics cover. I think Nora Khan should be made Queen of England.