Joseph Cao

We all know that Cao will have a very hard time, i.e., an impossible time, holding William Jefferson’s seat — Dan Rostenkowski was defeated by Republican Michael Patrick Flanagan, and he was soundly defeated by the squeaky-clean Rod Blagojevich in the next cycle — but I think Cao might be my favorite Republican after Mitch Daniels. Incidentally, both Cao and Daniels are physically quite small, which is no coincidence: smallness concentrates excellence. It’s science — trust me on this one. Cao seems like a really wonderful and impressive guy, and my sense is that the Catholics I know will love him. Henceforth, I will refer to myself as a “Caopublican.” Actually, I don’t think I will. “Reihan” still works for me.

This weekend, I gave some thought to getting tattooed. In the past, the idea gave me the heebie-jeebies, and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen. I do think, however, that a Ganesh tattoo might further the cause of intercommunal harmony.