My Worst Blog Post of the Year

I think that progress requires shining a spotlight on our errors, rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. As such, I’m starting what I intend to be an annual tradition of identifying what I believe to my worst single blog post of the year.

Jim’s Worst Blog Post of 2008 IMHO is surely this one, in which I praised the incredible, machine-like effectiveness of the Clinton primary campaign apparatus. Now, I used the following CYA:

There are big, obvious caveats to what I’m about to say – I have no idea how accurate this report is, how representative this group is of the national Clinton organization, how this compares to the field organizations of other candidates, etc. – but this description of a high-function organization rang very true to me…

But if I really didn’t know all this (and events subsequently proved that I really didn’t), I should probably never have hit the Publish button.

Lesson learned: Allah gave us two ears and one mouth, and expects us to use them in proportion.

(And yes, I am well aware that I am inviting comments along the lines of “that post isn’t nearly as bad as X”.)