Kym's Toast

Stephen Holden has written an anatomy of one of the most compelling and cringe-inducing moments in the movies this year, namely a wedding toast gone terribly awry. Accompanying the piece are a few quick audio clips of director Jonathan Demme discussing the screenplay and the making of the movie itself. I’ll have to buy the DVD so that I can listen along to the commentary track. Strangely, I’ve made old friends out of a few commentary tracks, particularly the commentary track to my favorite movie of all time, The Station Agent. Listening to Demme was like listening to an old friend. This is really embarrassing.

Also, Manohla shares my admiration for Synecdoche, New York. I’m hoping to hear more of Noah’s thoughts about the movie, particularly since I didn’t find the protagonist Caden Cotard particularly repellent. He is weak and vacillating and terribly destructive to some of the people close to many — well, maybe most — but I guess I found his heartache sufficiently sympathy-inducing to lead me to overlook his bad qualities. I clearly have to see the movie again. Yet I actually found watching the movie draining enough that I’m a little reluctant to do so.