RAA fits the TAS demographic

I think you guys will like this song.

Also, I want to introduce two new contributors. I feel very lucky to have them both onboard. Some of you know Conor Friedersdorf from his short but very eventful tenure at Culture11. I’ve known Conor for a while now, and I admire his observant eye and his generosity. Among other things, Conor is closely attuned to how changing media landscape is shaping our public life, a subject I’m hoping he’ll tackle for us.

Then there is Dara Lind, an undergrad who has already made a mark as a formidable intellectual — not many college students are name-checked on the NYT op-ed page. Until recently, Dara was writing for a quirky and cerebral group blog called Iqra’i. Here’s hoping she writes a lot for us.