How to Redeem Joaquin Phoenix's Rap Career

It’s not going well for Phoenix, is it? CHUD’s Devin Faraci thinks the whole thing is neither a put on nor a breakdown, but some sort of nifty/creepy art-life hybrid. Is Phoenix inventing some new form of performance art? Personally, I hope so. I’ve often toyed with the notion of adopting a wholly new, eccentric personality just to see how people might react. I’m hoping Phoenix will make that sort of behavior — and the shaggy beards that go with it — acceptable.

The other possibility is that he was stuffed unceremoniously into a debraining machine. I don’t know. That’s kind of what it looks like.

The less said about his actual hip-hop the better. But if he could pull off something like the video below, I’m pretty sure he’d be an unqualified hit. I’d support him anyway.

Russians: way ahead of their time!