Joaquin Phoenix, Rap Legend

Joaquin Phoenix is fast becoming a laughingstock for his disastrous Letterman interview — Letterman, my hero, was in top form, by the way — and his decision to abandon a promising career in the movies for a life of rapping badly. Some suggest that this is all some kind of absurdist gag, and perhaps it is. But I’d like to detach myself from the conventional wisdom on a critically important point:

judging by this muddy clip, I actually think Joaquin Phoenix is an excellent rapper. I also like the beats.

I’d definitely pay money to see Phoenix perform live. I mean Joaquin Phoenix. I would also pay to see the French rock band Phoenix perform live, and I have on more than one occasion. I’d also pay to see Phoenix, Arizona, as I’ve only passed through.

On an unrelated note, I’d also buy that hat Joaquin Phoenix is wearing.