Truly Fantastic

I’m particularly attached to the Fantastic Four, mostly because FF was the first comic I picked up as a kid. I haven’t been too pleased with Tim Story’s movies — far too goofy and broad for my taste — but it makes some sense that Marvel would want to develop a franchise targeting somewhat younger viewers.

I do, however, hold a very special place in my heart for Roger Corman’s 1994 quickie take) on the Four. Made for about a million bucks, it remains one of the most lovably cheesy movies ever produced. It languished largely unseen for years as Marvel tried to redevelop the property into something a little more accessible (the whole project was actually a ploy to secure copyright, and, though the filmmakers didn’t know it, never intended for actual release). But a few years ago, the Corman version hit the web for all to see. Ain’t It Cool has the entire picture posted today. I’m especially fond of this tender, touching scene in which Ben Grimm becomes the Thing for the first time.