The Monster Mash

My review of Monsters vs. Aliens is now up I have to admit I don’t always quite know how to review movies like this. I’m neither an 8 year old kid nor the parent of one, which makes me well beyond the target audience. I can make an attempt to summon my own inner eight year old, but even that only goes so far (and even then, as I recall, it was somewhere around 8 or 9 years old where I started to become more critical of the films I watched). This is a pretty common problem in movie reviewing; critics tend to be urban-dwelling men somewhere between their late 20s and early 50s (there are exceptions, obviously), which produces an overall bias against films that are female and child-centric. I suspect that Monsters vs. Aliens, like most of the films put out by Dreamworks Animation, is probably not much of a movie by any standard, but it’s tough to say for sure when you don’t have much access to the intended audience.