A Life Less Ordinary

So, how did you spend your 20’s? Oh, you know, just kind of bumming around. Tried a bunch of different things for a little while…

Mr. Weisfeld is now 29. He grew up in Rockland County, where he was raised by a homemaker mom and a dad who made his living as one of the founders of Mudd Jeans. His first big job in entertainment was at VH1, where he worked as a production assistant on a couple of episodes of Driven before successfully pitching a reality show about Ol’ Dirty Bastard. This was after a stint as a day trader and some time working on the last N*SYNC tour, during which he met his wife.

Mr. Weisfeld opened his talent agency, Objective Entertainment, two years ago, and since then has sold memoirs by such pop culture figures as Saved by the Bell’s Dustin “Screech” Diamond and Robert Englund, the actor who played Freddy Krueger. Before he hooked up with Mr. Blagojevich, the only political book he’d ever worked on was People reporter Lorenzo Benet’s biography of Sarah Palin.