What Was the Hipster?

A friend informs me that N+1‘s symposium on “What Was the Hipster?” is the “the obnoxious superfluous leather headband of symposium panels.” That sounds about right, but frankly, I don’t care. I’m desperate to go. It’s an academic panel via geeky scenester chic; I can’t imagine that it’s being done with anything less than full appreciation of its irony. Like The Film Snob’s Dictionary and The Hipster Handbook, great, awesome-kitsch books, both of which I display proudly on the bookshelf behind my workspace* (right next to Optimus Prime!), it’s an effort at capturing and toying with the essence of ironic knowingness. Is it necessary? Good god, no. Is it interesting, funny, amusing, strange, silly, glib, clever, smirkingly charming? Of course, and thank goodness.

*See below.