Kids These Days

Now, I listened to all manner of dorky dual-singer screamo (yes, that’s really what we called it) and hardcore in my youth, and it was as atrocious then as it remains today. What can I say? I was young and stupid, and I listened to bad music. It happens. But even still, I have a hard time believing that the following track by some outfit calling itself Brokencyde isn’t parody, or perhaps an extremely sophisticated performance-art put on.

After the jump: The worst single I’ve ever heard? Maybe!

(Some language may not be office safe; the entire song is unfit for human consumption.)

You’d think this level of awful would be difficult to match, but this track comes pretty close.

Listening to these songs forces me to consider whether I would’ve listened to this when I was 15. I like to think I would have discouraged such behavior through ridicule, or some harsh criticism in a hand-photocopied ‘zine, but I’m not totally confident that I wouldn’t have blasted this at maximum tinny volume from the four-inch Radio Shack speakers in the side doors of my Corolla — perhaps with an ironic twist, but even still. Maybe this just means I’m out of touch and succumbing to early-stage get-off-my-lawnism. How’s the bumper sticker go again? If it’s too loud, you’re too old? I sympathize, really, but what if it’s just too bad?

(Hat tip to the great Buddyhead — finally back! — for the link.)

Update: DCeiver noticed this one way ahead of me.