On Closing Gitmo

Here’s a clip of Rep. Pete Hoekstra at the presser this morning explaining to a particularly thick reporter why the threat posed by al Qaeda detainees is different, and far more serious, that that posed by German prisoners of war. As Hoekstra explains, the Germans didn’t kill three thousand American civilians as they went to work.

Michael Goldfarb.

I’ve never found myself arguing that Nazis were actually pretty harmless, let alone trying to prove my point by asserting that unlike the Nazis, really bad guys kill at least 3,000 innocent civilians. If I ever do, I’ll consider it a red flag signalling that perhaps my argument is absurd.

Would I want an Al Qaeda detainee at the municipal jail a mile from my house? No. It’s a minimum security holding facility in a densely populated urban area. But I’m pretty sure we’ve got maximum security prisoners, not to mention remote military bases, that are pretty easy to defend against jailbreak attempts, and if we don’t have any, perhaps this is a good opportunity to hollow out a mountain, or even build a facility in Alaska so “tough” Sarah Palin’s presence can assuage the fears of the very partisan hacks most likely to stoke public fears about closing Gitmo. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any reasonable arguments against the closure—just that I haven’t seen any being made.

I leave you with Hilzoy.