I will be flying to New York tomorrow for several days and will spend Monday night in DC (thanks in part to our own Peter Suderman’s generosity) where I will try to finally meet as many Scenesters as possible.

I’ve written (badly) about my love for Israel here, but New York is another place that I love beyond words, for reasons that are too mundane to list. Unfortunately it’s more expensive and complicated to go to New York so I don’t visit as often but will be staying from Saturday night to Tuesday night. Thankfully the Startup 2009 conference on Wednesday has given me an excuse to visit one of my favorite cities in the world (as a born-and-bred Parisian I can’t say it’s my favorite city in the world).

Any tips or advice on what to do and what to see (besides tourist sights) in New York or DC is very much welcome. Also if you would like to hang out, feel free to drop me an email at pegobry at gmail or reach out via Twitter.