Under His Skin

Talk radio host Mark Levin hates arguing with anyone less famous than he is. At the same time, he cannot resist responding when his critics are making salient points about his indefensible behavior. Thus he has decided to raise our profiles. I appreciate the gesture, especially since I’ve lately granted his request that I evaluate his show by listening to more than 15 minutes of it. As a result, I’ve come to better understand how his style of rhetoric undermines certain causes he purports to champion.

In a few future posts, I’ll cite specific instances where Mr. Levin misleads his listeners about reality, undermines their ability to understand ideological opponents, and thereby harms the conservative movement. A broader critique of Mr. Levin is that he is destructive of the reasoned public discourse that democracies require to flourish, but I intend to make the narrower case that even listeners of his whose primary goal is to defeat misguided liberal policies would do far better if he stripped certain rhetoric from his program. It is gratifying to see that I’ll enjoy the attention of his listeners as I present my critique.