Humankind Needs Fish Like Lance Armstrong Needs A Bicycle

I’d say that the frightening depletion of global fisheries is an environmental problem that is more urgent than climate change, and that conservatives ought to rally around both as a practical and a political matter. The destructive practice of bottom trawling should be the first target, but it can’t end there.

On matters related to oceanic preservation, I’ve come to be convinced that sport fishermen are generally to be trusted, and commercial fishermen to be mistrusted — when the two are on opposite sides of a conservation measure, always side with the sport fishermen, who’ve gone a long way toward making catch-and-release a community norm, who oppose bottom trawling, and who mostly fight with environmentalists when they want to impose total fishing bans on vast areas of ocean, especially when to get their way they ally themselves with the commercial fishermen and compromise on bottom trawling!

All that aside, this seems like a good issue for the right to demonstrate that it does care about conserving important planetary resources integral to the future flourishing of humankind.