I've Been Using My Phone as a Sketchpad

As an undergrad, I took the helm of a friend’s cartoon for about two weeks. It was one of the highlights of my highlights of my life. I love to draw, though I can’t say my work is very polished. But Jorge Colombo’s amazing work with the Brushes app for the iPhone inspired me to start sketching on the Metro, while walking around my neighborhood, and while waiting on long lines. Below you’ll find some of my mini-cartoons.

This guy is frightened and disturbed by something.

She’s loosely based on a black-and-white photo of my mother that I conjured up from memory.

This is a rough-hewn guy with a comb-over.

This is my crude rendering of a Smog concert.

This is a youngish guy with a wispy beard.

This is a handsome, but tired, Asian American couple.

This is a tree that grows “people fruit.”