Nyet So Fast

Kevin Drum, someone I have always considered to be an exceptionally smart and sensible blogger (for Mother Jones!), criticizes my recent post on Waxman-Markey, saying that the reason the Democratic sponsors are being held hostage by their fellow party members representing midwestern and mountain states is that:

Republicans have cynically decided nearly en masse to blindly oppose any action on climate change whatsoever.

But why is this opposition “cynical” and “blind”? What if it’s “principled” and “informed”?

I’ve tried to lay out why I think there is a principled, informed case for opposing Waxman-Markey in some detail in a post that the one Drum references links to. Drum says that he takes “a more generous view of Waxman-Markey than Manzi”, but it seems to me that a whole lot turns on who is right on that question.